Gran Milonga with Maestros’ Show, Live Music, and Tango DJ

  • Yanina Muzyka & Emmanuel Casal, Bandonegro, DJ Maria Mondino
  • Saturday 31.08.2024
  • 21:00-4:00
  • Sala Wielka CK Zamek

We invite you to a unique night full of passion and tango music during the Gotango Poznań Festival! As part of this extraordinary event, on August 31, 2024, 300 square meters of wooden dance floor in the Sala Wielka of the CK Zamek will become a stage for tango enthusiasts from around the world.

On the festival’s main stage, the artists of the Bandonegro ensemble will perform, whose sensual sounds and emotional interpretations of tango will move every participant.

The Bandonegro ensemble, known for its exceptional talent and passion for tango, will take us on a journey through the streets of Argentina, bringing to life stories of love and longing. But that’s not all!

During this magical night, Yanina Muzyka and Emanuel Casal, a dance couple renowned for their exceptional harmony and elegance in tango interpretation, will perform on the dance floor. Their dance will be a vivid expression of emotions, a blend of strength and delicacy that is unforgettable.

To complete the atmosphere, Maria Mondino, an experienced tango DJ, will play the most passionate and exciting tangos. Her selection of tracks will perfectly capture the spirit of this special evening, filled with nostalgia, passion, and romance.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through the world of tango, where every step on the dance floor is an expression of feeling, and the sounds of tango music will transport you to a world full of emotions and magic.

Join us on August 31, 2024, at the CK Zamek and let yourself be swept away in the whirlwind of tango emotions at the Gotango Poznań Festival!




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