Bandonegro Sextet “We Are Tango”

  • Bandonegro, Dawid Kostka (electric guitar), Mateusz Brzostowski (percussion), Yanina Muzyka & Emmanuel Casal (dance)
  • Saturday 31.08.2024
  • 18:00-20:00
  • Sala Wielka CK Zamek

We invite you to the Sala Wielka of the CK Zamek in Poznań for a unique evening filled with the passion and magic of TANGO during the concert “WE ARE TANGO”. The concert will take place on August 31st at 18:00.

On stage will be BANDONEGRO, a world-class Polish tango band, along with talented jazz musicians Dawid Kostka and Mateusz Brzostowski. The music will be accompanied by the sensual dance of Yanina Muzyka and Emmanuel Casal, new-generation Argentine dancers and World Stage Tango Championship 2021 winners.

Bandonegro consists of four versatile and talented young musicians whose friendship, passion, and love for tango music permeate every note, creating extraordinary emotions during their concerts. The band traverses continents, filling concert halls from South America, the USA, and Europe to Asia. Their unique energy, musical concept, and fresh sound have captivated audiences worldwide, making them among the most intriguing and recognizable performers in this genre today.

During the concert, the band’s original compositions will seamlessly blend the tradition of tango with jazz improvisation and modern sound. Their music, often described as a tango revolution, pushes the boundaries of what tango can be, inviting listeners to experience the genre in a completely new light. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Astor Piazzolla, whose revolutionary approach to tango transformed the genre, Bandonegro will also present their own arrangements of his iconic pieces.

The sensual dance by some of the world’s best tango dancers will make every moment of the concert even more intense and exciting. The entire spectacle will be complemented by visuals harmonizing with the music, creating an unforgettable experience for the senses.




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