Bandonegro Gotango Tango Festival


The orchestra behind Gotango Poznań Festival

Bandonegro is a world-class Polish tango orchestra, one of the most intriguing and recognisable performers of this musical style. They specialise in both the traditional Argentinean tango and tango nuevo, as well as compose their own pieces adding the elements of jazz and classical music. Their incredible passion, ideas for music, fresh sound and unique style that is perfect for dancing have won the hearts of audiences all over the world as they are deemed the best tango ensamble of their generation.

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Yanina Muzyka & Emmanuel Casal

World Champions of the 2021 World Tango Stage Championship

Tango DJ

Maria Mondino

Experienced tango DJ, born in the cradle of tango, Rio de la Plata.



The orchestra behind Gotango Poznań Festival.


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